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Thursday, 16 November 2006
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Centenarian Celebration

Image April 10th saw the celebration of Alice Ammachi's 100th birthday - an event that witnessed the gathering of numerous relatives and friends at her house.

In addition to the approximately 170 guests who were present, the event was graced by Philipose Mar Chrysostom Thirumeni as well as Achens from Velliapalli and Thittamel. The weather cooperated and rainfall that was predicted did not materialize.

Around 9.45 a.m. Chrysostam Thirumeni arrived with Achen to see Ammachi. As always, he kept all the attendees engrossed with anecdotes of incidents and events that had occurred during his long and illustrious ministry. He left after prayers and blessings.

Image A pandal had been erected for the celebration and Ammachi sat in her chair with all of the well-wishers gathered around her. Her sisters, Annie Kochamma and Annamaiaunty from Vellore sat next to her. Image After the arrival of Achens from Velliapalli and Thittamel the prayer and felicitations began with a hymn. Achen from Velliapalli was the main speaker as well as the master of ceremonies. He spoke for about 15 minutes and then called for the family members present to be recognized. Molly Kochamma, Je & Cherry with their sons Arjun & Tej, Preethi, Cherian and their son Zubin, Sareena (who came from the US for the occasion), Aneena with Vinita, Abilash, Rohan and Shreya were introduced. Then Ammini Chedhthi and Susan (Ammachi's home nurse) were also recognized and asked to come to the front. Mon & Bibi, Alex and Usha, Bai Kochamma's daughters Sareena, Soma and Sarasu along with Samji, Thomachayen and Aniyanchayen were there. Also present were Chellamma Kochamma's son from Pallom, Kochumon, and Mol- as was Ashok Muthalaly presently residing in Ernakulam and Maya & Babu from Thumpon. Aruna and Kunju could not make it as they were unwell. Kunju uncle from Chengannur as well as Babu Zachriah spoke very briefly.

Image Thittamel Achen presented Ammachi with a "ponaddai". There were several of Watchayen's (PM Joseph) students who visited on the 9th to offer their felicitations to Alice Ammachi on this momentuous occasion. Among the former students was a Mr. Ghosh from Calcutta who had come all the way from there and he stayed back to attend the celebration. He also spoke briefly regarding Watchayen going to Calcutta in his 90th year!

A nadan lunch was served at the nearby YWCA Hall - it featured typical Kerala fare with payasam for dessert. The function ended around 2pm.

Later that evening tea was served at which only family members were present and Ammachi cut the cake that was baked for the occasion. Preethi joined Ammachi in cutting the cake at the latter's insistence since Preethi's birthday was a week earlier on April 3rd.

Image The family members who could not be present whether for reasons of geography or conflicting schedules join in offering our congratulations to Alice Ammachi and wish the very best for her. Ammachi is one of the last members of her generation of the family and that she was able to celebrate her 100th birthday in relatively good health is truly a blessing!

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