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Explanation of the Adangapurathu Family Tree

AG Joseph Panicker was, ostensibly, the 21st generation of the Adangapurathu family - and the year 2006 witnessed the birth of a child who represents the 25th generation of the family!

Given the ancient lineage of the family putting together a family tree in a way that it is not unduly complex is a somewhat challenging task. Owing to software limitations as well the need to make it fathomable to anyone not intimately acquainted with the history of the family, it has proven necessary to break the tree into several components.

The various links identifying the different components of the family tree appear on the right commencing with the Main Tree which shows the different generations from the inception of the Adangapurathu family. There are additonal links showing the various descendants over the generations based on documented history. Finally, there are links showing the children of AG Joseph Panicker, their offspring and their grand-children and great grand-children.

However, in order to obtain an understanding of the the family tree links shown, it really is essential to read the family history outlined on this site. Reviewing the colorful history of the Adangapurathu family will provide a greater appreciation of the family tree.

The emphasis in putting together the family tree has been to concentrate on the Tharavadu branch of the Adangapurathu family to which AG Joseph and his descendants belong. There are other branches of the Adangapurathu family - the main ones being Olasseril, Kanijeravelil, Thalavady Adangapurathu and Kalamannil - and in some instances the trees shown on these links identify the individuals who were instrumental in starting these other branches. However, in constructing this website - which, after all, has a stated purpose of focusing on AG Joseph Panicker and his descendants - these other branches are not shown although they are still very much part of the Adangapurathu family.

The history of the family is based on a combination of anecdotal and documented evidence - not untypical of other Syrian Christian families of ancient lineage. This has been explained in some detail in the family history portion of the website. The reason for emphasizing this is because several generations of the family tree from its inception to approximately the mid-1600s' cannot be identified with any accuracy and have been omitted. We therefore have a situation where the family tree commences in the 15th century and then jumps to the mid-1600s' at which point there is reliable documented evidence of the various family members.





Family Tree Links
Main Tree
Family Tree - Circa 1670
Family Tree - Circa 1750
AG Joseph's Children
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Rana's Family
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