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Thursday, 16 November 2006
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New Addition to the Spiller Family

Family with the new addition
Image Congratulations to Holly and Keith on the birth of a son on December 14. Congratulations also, to George who now has his first grandson after a flurry of grand-daughters.

The birth of the baby proceeded without complications and Holly was up in less than a day attending to Zinzi and making her feel comfortable and not feel "neglected" with the arrival of her baby brother. George said: "Holly was remarkably sanguine during the period before the birth and spent a lot of time making a great fuss of Zinzi so that she didn't feel neglected."

The name of the new addition is yet undetermined though when Rana & Mini were recently in Kovalam there were some whisperings of a name which George had heard of through Fifi! We will not announce it formally until we receive confirmation from Holly and Keith!!

George said "I have suggested Ravi and also Ranjit. Ravi appeals to Holly but is only in the B team according to Keith. I don't think Kochunoony (AG Joseph's nickname) will win a lot of support in this case. Possibly a name to be reckoned for future progeny".

Apparently, according to George, Keith and Holly are looking for a name which sounds both Irish and Indian at the same time - a difficult task

Image There has been some speculation as to whether the infant has inherited the famous - or infamous, depending on one's perspective - "Adangapurathu nose". This facial characteristic must clearly be a dominant gene given how many children and grand-children seem to inherit that feature or a variant thereof!

Proud grandfather with grandson

NEWSFLASH: The parents have now decided that the infant will be named Milo - a variation on "Miles", which is apparently an Irish name.

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