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Oorayil - Puthenpurayil Branch
Sarah Joseph, the wife of AG Joseph Panicker, belongs to the Puthenpurayil branch of the Oorayil family. Her father, Barrister George Joseph, was the eldest child of CI (Chandy) Joseph & Saramma Joseph who had five sons and four daughters.

The offspring of CI Joseph were, by almost any definition, a remarkable group of individuals who made their mark in different facets of life - whether it be politics, law, journalism, education, finance/commerce, etc. The children/grand-children/great grand-children of these off-spring have also been remarkably successful and high-achievers.

The record of accomplishment and success of the family has been such that PM Joseph, the fourth son of CI Joseph, said:

"I feel that the Puthenpurayil branch has been blessed by God; each member has done well in life. Their records have been clean and unsullied without exception. That indeed is a real blessing and a matter to be proud of".

Today, there are well over 200 members of this branch of the family - and they are spread far and wide throughout the world. The information to put together the family trees shown on the various links on the right was obtained from a booklet that was put together by PM Joseph with the help of his daughter, Aneena, and grand-daughter, Vineeta. We owe an immense debt of gratitude to PM Joseph, who most of us knew as Watchayen/Watchappachen. If it had not been for his diligent effort and interest, much of the historical information seen on the various links would have been lost or, at best, would have been incomplete.

PM Joseph put together this booklet in 1992 - and much has changed since then in terms of marriages, births and deaths. It is hoped that as word of this website becomes known we will be able to obtain updated information to add to the various family trees.

In putting together a family tree with such a large extended family, technical limitations as well as making the information comprehensible, prevents all of the family members being shown on a single page. The approach adopted therefore has been to show the children and spouses of CI and Saramma Joseph as being the main tree. Thereafter, the descendants of each of these children are shown on separate family trees. However, if descendants of a particular child of CI Joseph are limited in number, they have all been shown on a single tree - which does provide a better overview of the inter-relationships. If, however, there are numerous descendants then there have had to be additional family trees to include the various family members - since fitting them all on a single page is not practicable.

To clarify how this works the following example illustrates the point: PM Joseph and his descendants are all shown on a single family tree - since they would fit on a single web page. However, Barrister George Joseph's descendants are too many in number to be shown on a single page and so there are individual family trees for each of his children.

As a general rule, the given names are shown with nick names in parenthesis. This is how PM Joseph showed the information in his booklet. As previously stated, it is hoped that updated information and any corrections will be emailed to us so that the family trees can be made more current and accurate. We would encourage any family member who has current information pertaining to others who are part of these family trees to provide the information - you do not necessarily need to limit such information to one's immediate family.

The booklet that PM Joseph prepared contains additional biographical information about each of the individuals including addresses and locations. This information has been omitted primarily because some of it is dated. However, it is intended at some point in the future to include contact information such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses on a separate web page that will be password protected for access only by family members - therefore emailing this information to us would help accomplish this objective.





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