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Kalloopara Palli - St Mary's Orthodox Church
St Mary's Orthodox Church is located at Kallooppara in Pathanamthitta District. It is surrounded by the Manimala River. The church is believed to have been constructed in the 2nd century. The foundation stone of the present church was laid on the Malayalam month Karkadakam in the year 1339.

The architecture of the church is that of early Travancore style. There are two granite slabs with some inscriptions in the pali language on the eastern and western wings of the church. The sculptures and figures carved in wood are noteworthy.

The Adangapurathu family were instrumental in the development and administration of the church and its subsequent growth. As a result of the significant role played by the family, the tombs of Ghevarughese Panicker and Eapen Panicker - the father and grandfather of AG Joseph Panicker - are prominent located on the main grounds of the church.

The church conducts Sunday Schools at three different locations. Three separate women associations, Martha Mariyam Samajam, also function at the church. The main festival of the church is the Kallooppara Perunal, which is celebrated on January 15th. Another celebration is held on July 5th, the foundation day of the Church.

The church can be approached by road and is on the Thiruvalla– Mallappally route. The nearest railway station is at Thiruvalla.

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Tombs of Eapen Panicker & Ghevarughese Panicker

Picture taken in 1982 after the wedding of Peter and Shiny. On the left are Shiny, Rory & Fifi and on the right are George, Rana & Peter





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