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Thursday, 16 November 2006
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The last two months have seen the passing of two relatives who played important roles in the lives of several family members. In March 2007, KC Alexander - Babychayen to most us - died after many years of ill-health. In May 2007, Sarah Abraham - Ooammachi to us - passed away.



Image KC Alexander, who most of us knew as Babychayen, passed away in April 2007, after a long illness and deteriorating health.

The impact that Babychayen had on several members of the Joseph family and others within the Adangapurathu family cannot be overstated. His loyalty and supportiveness to members of the family was almost legendary. A number of these relatives stayed with him and Dedikochamma in London at various points in their younger days as students or as they were finding their feet. His generosity and big-heartedness can only be fully comprehended if one were fortunate enough to have been exposed to him. There was not a hint of envy or jealousy in him as some of those he helped went on to become more successful than him - at least, in a material sense. On the contrary, his reaction was just absolute pride that his own "flesh and blood" had achieved success.

The loyalty and gratitude of these relatives was in evidence when many made a point of attending the wedding of his daughter, Anita, several years ago and came to London from the US, Australia and locations within the UK to be part of this happy event in his life - and then later, when they came to his funeral.

Seeing his daughter married was an ardent wish of his - and being able to spend some time with his grand-daughter before he died - were blessings he was granted.


Babychayen was the youngest son of AG Joseph's sister, Mariamma Ammachi and Kottakatu Cariachen who hailed from Kayamkulam. He went to England in the mid 1950s' after studying Engineering in Kerala.


Babychayen and Anita on her wedding day, just before leaving for the church

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