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Welcome to the Joseph Family Website!!
This website has been established for the descendants of AG Joseph Panicker of the Adangapurathu family, Sarah Joseph, daughter of Barrister George Joseph, of the Oorayil family and Theresiamma Joseph, of the Nellimootil family. So, just because your last name isn't "Joseph" you are still very much part of this family.

We hope with this website, to connect us to each other and keep us in closer contact and also to provide some background information to the history of the family and its antecedents. This is especially important when it comes to members of the family who were born and/or raised outside of India.

AG Joseph Panicker and Sarah had three sons and two daughters -- Mary, George (Thambi), Thomas (Rana), Susan (Fifi) and Eapen (Peter). AG Joseph Panicker and Theresiamma had two daughters -- Ashwati and Renu.

The Joseph Family originated from Kerala, a state in South India sometimes referred to as "God's Own Country" because of its natural beauty - and hence the banner on the top of this site which is a montage of some pictorial highlights of Kerala! The Josephs' are part of the Adangapurathu family whose antecedants can be traced through several centuries. As a result of its ancient lineage, there are several branches of the Adangapurathu family - AG Joseph and his descendants belong to the Tharavadu branch. Other main branches include Olasseril, Kanijeravelil, Thalavady Adangapurathu and Kalamannil.

A descendant of the Kalamannil branch is His Grace The Most Rt. Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom who was the head of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Christian Church until his recent retirement. Additional information regarding his relationship with the Joseph Family appears on a link to the left.

There is anecdotal evidence that the original family home, in Kalloopara, dates back seven hundred years, although documented evidence supports an age of around three hundred years. The house is still in existence. AG Joseph Panicker inherited the house from his father and today it is owned by his son Eapen Joseph Panicker (Peter).

Over the decades, members of the extended Joseph family on AG Joseph's side have been married to other well known Syrian Christian families such as Adoor Nellimootil, Mepral Poothicote, Melpadathu Kottayil, Kozhencherry Thervelil, Kayamkulam Kottakkattu, Puthencavu Mammottil, Mulanthuruthy Pulliattu Thukalan and Puramattom Pannikkottu.

The Joseph clan are now scattered all over the globe! Family members live in India, USA, Great Britain & Australia!!

We would also love to hear from others - friends, family and others - who happen through whatever fortuitious circumstances to visit this website. Perhaps you recognize one or more of the members of this family or are familiar with the Adangapurathu family - whether it be from photographs posted or through postings and descriptions or based on your acquaintance with others who are part of the extended family! Do take a few minutes to leave us a few comments in the Guest Book that has been activated as of November 2007.

This site is and will remain a "work in progress". If it is to serve its intended purpose, it would need to be dynamic and so, in a sense, it will be in a constant state of modification. A few links on the home page still need content. Major events and news as it affects the family will be reported in the "Family News" section, links for which appear in the top right hand side of this page. We hope that you visit us often and view the updates that are posted.

Family News
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Wedding Anniversaries

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