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Thursday, 16 November 2006
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Rory Completes Half-Marathon

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We have a new jock in the Joseph family!

Congratulations to Rory, who took part in the 28th Grand North Run on Tyneside and successfully completed a half-marathon in a very creditable time of 1 hour and 55 minutes. The event was held on October 5th and with over 52,000 runners taking part. Tony Blair sounded the starting hooters and there were over 30,000 spectators to cheer the runners along.

The timing was all the more remarkable because Rory, by his own admission, has led a fairly sedentary life for years prior to the race. He spent several months losing weight and getting into condition for the rigors of a long run.

This was an event to support charities and Rory selected the British Red Cross. Well-wishers contributed approximately $1,400 on Rory's behalf to the British Red Cross. Contributions can still be made on behalf of Rory at this link.

Image Image The entire event raised over $17.5 million for various charities.

Well done, Rory, and we all hope that you will be motivated to participate in a marathon in the near future - joining his cousin, Saira, who completed the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC three years ago.

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