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Thursday, 16 November 2006
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Passing of Sarah Abraham
This year - 2007 - has seen the passing of two relatives who played important roles in the lives of several family members. In March 2007, KC Alexander - Babychayen to most us - died after many years of ill-health. In May 2007, Sarah Abraham - Ooammachi to us - passed away.


ImageSarah Abraham who was known to our family as "Ooammachi" and to others within the extended family as " College Ammachi" and other variations passed away on May 18, 2007 at the age of 101 years.

She had a very full life and impacted a lot of people, including several members of the Joseph family. She was very close to our mother - Sarah Joseph - and because of the relatively close age difference between them she was as much a sister as an aunt. After her premature death, Ooammachi became a source of support for us in different ways.

Depsite her advanced age, her mental acuity never really diminished. Her memory both - long and short term - could put to shame, people 50 years her junior.

Her faith in God was total. Perhaps Chrysostom Thirumeni put it best at the funeral when he said that "there are too many people in this world who only take from it but here was a person who gave generously and left the world a better place when she left it." He continued: "she chose her faith and gave her son the freedom to choose his. She chose to remain a widow out of dedication to her son and passion for knowledge.She was a fountain of faith, wisdom, love and service.Instead of praying for her, maybe we should ask her to pray for us!"

She leaves a son, Thomas Abraham - Monachayen -, a daughter-in-law - Meera Kochamma - and two grandsons: Chukku and Raja.

The picture shows Ooammachi with Peter in January 2007

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